process c1

Working Glass Hero

This window can be found in the kitchen of a house built in 1905

The clients wanted a copy of it to be put in their internal kitchen door. So ...

process c1b

... Our Hero took a wax crayon rubbing of it ...

process c1a1

... made a scale drawing to fit the door ...

process c2

... built it (note the wire ties for the glazing bars) ...

process c3

... and fitted it

process c4

Here's another view

If you want something copied, all the Working Glass Hero needs from you is a wax rubbing (easy to do, he will tell you how), the measurements and what colours you require

design 1

A client has a vestibule door that looks like this (note the blue opal shapes in the hall floor beyond)

design 1a

She wanted the motif in the door copied and put in a fanlight over her front door. But because she liked the blue opals in the existing design so much, she wanted these making bigger in the new motif. So ...

design 1c

... that is what Our Hero did

design 1d

And here's a close-up view