Unique Designs

process e1

Working Glass Hero

You might have got an idea in your own head of what kind of leaded light you want. It could be as simple as the diagram opposite (by the way, just click on any of the pictures for a larger image). From even such a basic sketch, the Working Glass Hero only needs the measurements of the space to be filled and the colours of glass you would like to be used before producing a scale drawing from which he can make ...

process e2

... the leaded light

process e4

What a transformation:

Old leaded light above the front door ...

process e9

... transformed!

process e5

Monochrome ...

process e7

... Colour!

process f0

You might have got a feature in your property which you would like to be incorporated into a leaded light. Even a grainy photograph like this, of a motif in a vestibule floor in this case, will do. You may not know how you want this incorporated into a design; you may not even be sure which colours would look best in it. But the Working Glass Hero can help you by emailing or posting various designs:

process f1

Sample design 1

process f2

Sample design 2

process f3

Sample design 3

process f4

All he needs is the dimensions for the panel. Once you have made a decision, he will build and even fit it for you if you want

process f5

Looking lovely in the vestibule!

Work In Progress

The pictures opposite show how a real-life ugly duckling begins its transformation into a fully fledeged swan

A tatty old door chucked out and in a bit of a state

Cleaned up with tender loving care and lots of elbow grease

And then with the stained glass fitted to the panels

Beginning to look good

project a1 project a2 project a3

Mission Impossible

These pictures show how to convert a boring old door into a thing of beauty. Theres a couple of shots of the door with a close-up of the panels which are going to be removed. And a couple more showing our heros work bench with the stained glass inserts taking shape surrounded by items of everyday family life

project b1 project b2 project b3 project b4

Mission Complete

Lovely views of the finished door in place

project b5 project b6 project b7