Take a look at these repairs

Working Glass Hero

repair 1 repair 2 repair 3

The door panel shown above was so badly damaged that it needed a Heath Robinson contraption made of Perspex and wood to stop it falling apart altogether. Unfortunately, the pieces of wood had pushed the circular motif so hard against the glazing bars on the back of the door that it had broken away from the main panel and some of the glass had fallen out. Other bits of glass were badly cracked, broken or missing altogether: many panels in better shape than this one was have been thrown in skips before now

But the Working Glass Hero skipped (sorry!) into action by taking the door off and rebuilding the whole panel in situ, using a mixture of old and new lead and glass. He then re-attached all the glazing bars, grouted the panel and thoroughly cleaned it before replacing a door that now boasts a leaded light that is as good as new

repair 4

This panel was not as badly broken as the one above. But the top third of it had detached itself from the door frame and collapsed onto the glazing bar on the back so alarmingly that the client feared, rightly, that if the door was slammed, all the glass could fall out. Our Hero took the door off and repaired it in the hallway, carefully coaxing the collapsed pieces back into place, reattaching it with glazing sprigs and resoldering all the cracked or broken pieces of lead. Then he regrouted and cleaned the panel before setting it in linseed oil putty and replacing the door. Once again, it looks as good as new